Did you know that the Bulgarian capital abounds in daring graffitis and funny shop-signs and names? Even the boxes that host electrical equipment have been imaginatively decorated.

A ruined and shabby passageway can unexpectedly open to a lush drawing, a narrow street gets perspective thanks to the face of an emo girl watching the passer-by intently, the iron roller blinds of the stores and the iron-cage of the garages are customized in accordance to the inspiration of the artist.

These are everywhere, from the streets adjacent of the pedestrian Vitosha, the deserted engine room of an ex ropeway located on the mountain top, or the National Bank neighborhood, to the Kliment Ohridski University district. Meant to add a tint of rebellious spirit, some of them end up in beautifying the medium, be it the shop window, the block`s facade, the fence, or the gangway.

In Sofia, the nostalgic signs and sounds of USSR shake hands with a still sharp gender distinction, as shown by the two shop signs located one next to the other in the city centre: The Intellect and The Chickshop. Despite the equalitarian gender culture that Soviets tried to implement, the heavily sexualized image and songs of Lepa Brena still have followers, to the embarrassment of the tiny layer of Sofian hipsters.

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