Kronstadt (German), Brassó (Hungarian), Brașov (Romanian) is one of the seven Saxon cities of Transylvania (the name, ‘Siebenbürgenʼ in German, means ‘seven fortressesʼ). It once hosted a multiethnic population, as its multiple names show
(and we still haven`t added its Latin name, Corona), and, in the Middle Ages, it represented an important trade hub, via its location on the trade route from Northern/Central Europe to the Ottoman Empire  and the vice-versa. It is no wonder then that this settlement originally built by the knights of the Teutonic Order boasts a pretty old and nice Gothic Cathedral, still existing defense walls, of which some bear mark of the once powerful guilds, and an interesting set of colourful Baroque and Art Nouveau houses surrounding the Town Hall.

Old and picturesque stuff like this you will find in the other six Saxon cities of Transylvania, as well. Yet,  Kronstadt, Brassó, Brașov has something in addition to surprise the passer-by: a multitude of decorations in which come the street lights. Be them old or new, Art-Nouveau or minimalist, exotic or classical, adorning a house facade or standing in the middle of the market square, each adds a playful note to the burg making the traveler muse about the pleasantries of life and their indebtedness to trade and craftsmanship.

Here are some examples.

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