Americans like to attach a symbol to things that in some other parts of the world are not even considered a part of a person or a house`s identity. There is much talk about the flag but true stars are mailboxes as well. The fact that a significant part of America`s population lives in individual houses in low-density areas is directly related to the originality and creativity in the design of the mailboxes which adorns the entrance of the houses. Not constricted to be common and standard like those mailboxes of the inhabitants of the massive buildings of the big cities that amass tens of flats, the mailboxes of the small American towns are an eye-catcher for the passer-by. Some modernist, some historicist, some artsy, some hidden, some conspicuous, some minimalist, some decorated, each mailbox represents an invitation to smile or even to stop for a while and reflect about those inhabiting that specific house.

Enjoy these photos of mailboxes spotted in Fayetteville and Eureka Springs, NW Arkansas, USA. 




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