Saint Nicholas Church in Râșnov is a first-class historical monument, one of the oldest sacral establishments of Orthodox Romanians in South-Eastern Transylvania. Its building started in the late 14th century (1384) and it finished in the early 19th century (1823). The church was initially built in the Gothic style, which was rather rare for Eastern Christian churches, and had neo-classical elements (e.g. the bell tower) added in 1773 and re-constructed in 1823*.

Until the 18th century, the interior walls were almost plain. After that, numerous layers of painting and numerous episodes of redecoration followed in succession, roughly until World War I. These 18th and 19th-century murals covered by later strata of paint stayed completely hidden until the last major renovation of the church, which took place in the years 2004-2009 *. You can see these recovered murals in the pictures below. The style of the murals follows the patterns of the Old Kingdom`s murals of the early 18th century (e.g. the so-called Brâncovenesc style).

* Source: Dana Jenei, Biserica ortodoxă <<Sfântul Nicolae Vechi din Râșnov>>, in Terra Sebus no. 2/2010, pp.611-625, p. 613.

* Dana Jenei, p. 612.









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