The cosy Transylvanian city of Brașov has a lot to offer during Christmas season, too. The windows of the tall but narrow houses of the old town, aligned along the winding streets that all run until their meeting point with the square where the impressive Black Church is located, are filled with decorations. The chic shops and bohemian coffee places along the main street running through the old town boast with Christmas trees decorated stylishly or funnily. The restaurants in the other centre, locally known as Șcheii Brașovului, are waiting for their customers in a warm atmosphere redolent of cinnamon and resin, full of objects that remind of little houses in forests populated by mysterious creatures.

Last but not least, the Christmas Market located under the giant tree, which sticks up near the Old Town Hall, invites the passer-by to visit the numerous little huts in search of delicious roast chestnuts, mulled wine, and gingerbread. The more courageous ones can try the specific regional cuisine known for the meat and alcohol specialities. The Christmas Market has attractions for children too. Many brightly painted trucks offer crepes and candy floss; carousels and other amusement rides are always fun to the kids;  in the market, Santa has even a phone boot and a postal box for collecting the kid’s letters!

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