One important part of the Jewish celebration known as Hanukkah (The Festival of Lights) is the lighting of the nine-branched candelabrum (menorah)*. The branches refer to the eight nights and days that are observed in the Jewish tradition to honour the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, during the uprising of the Jewish people against their oppressors ( the Maccabean revolt in the second century B.C.). According to the old Hebrew calendar, the Hanukkah (Dedication in Hebrew) falls sometime between late November and late December. During Hanukkah season, people eat special foods, give special gifts, and celebrate with traditional games. Lighting nine-branched menorah in public spaces of the important cities of Europe and Northern America has become an annual custom since the 1970s, due to the more tradition-oriented Jews like those of the Hasidic associations.

In 2019, Hanukkah was celebrated from the evening of December 22nd until the evening of December 30th. Below, there are some photos of Hanukkah menorahs located in important public places of Berlin.

*The middle branch of the candelabrum, the shamash, is atypical, being longer or shorter than the other eight, and it lights the other eight candles.

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