Color Field was an exhibition on display at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, from June 1st to September 30th 2019. It consisted of outdoor sculptures and installations located in the beautiful landscape of the Ozark forest. Of the installations of interest we mention: Amanda Ross-Ho, ‘The Character and Shape of Illuminated Things (Facial Recognition)’, a work of 2015 which plays on the viewer’s subjectivity when interacting with a camera, emphasising the important, and often ignored, role of lenses when filtering what we see.

Another installation is the one entitled Back to Kansas, made by Spencer Finch in 2015. It consists of 70 blocks of brilliant and subtle colors which allude to the author’s repeated viewing of the ‘Wizard of Oz’. ‘The size and the shape of the billboard is a reference to the proportional relationship between the width and height or aspect-ratio in which the film was originally projected’.

Apart from this exhibition, the surrounding trails of Crystal Bridges Museum host some of the most beautiful installations of the American glass sculptor, Dale Chihuly. One of these is Fiori Boat, a work made in 2016 which was inspired by floating pieces going downstream on a river in Finland*. The vibrant colors of the installation mimic the natural forms.

The other presented here is Sole d’Oro (Golden Sun), made in 2017 especially for Crystal Bridges Museum. It consists of 1300 pieces of hand-blown glass. Their radiant and light colors are meant to capture and reflect the natural light of the Ozark forest.

Other arresting installations which can be found in the natural park of the museum are: Scattering Screen, a work of 2016 by Alyson Shotz and commissioned by the Museum-it is made up of thousands of polished stainless steel circles connected by wire-though it is made from heavy metals, the images reflected on the circles’ surfaces give the impression that the installation is weightless; Monochrome II (2010-2018) by Nancy Rubins represents a group of recycled aluminium canoes-it is a monumental installation which alludes to large found objects (such as aircraft parts) which create the illusion that are ‘frozen in time and space’; Deer by Tony Tasset (2015) represents the said animal in almost grotesquely big dimensions, made from fibreglass-the installation is a direct allusion to the cheap yard and lawn ornaments which decorate people’s houses and their surroundings, in an attempt of the artist to point that people ‘manipulate nature to create a fictitious vision of the environment’-the presence of the deer in the Ozark forest shows the all-encompassing pollution of the human intervention in the most remote areas.

Resources> (accessed August 11th, 2021) (accessed August 11th, 2021)

the explanatory tags located near the installations

*This work was part of a Chihuly exhibition organised in 2017. Later, Crystal Bridges acquired some of these works exhibited previously on its trails.

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