Tomis was a city, most probably built around the 7th century, B.C, by Greek inhabitants of the city of Miletus (located in nowadays Anatolian area). It was first mentioned in recorded history by Memnon of Heraclea Pontis in the context of a war between the Byzantines and the settlers of the nearby city of Callatis for supremacy over this city ( the time was approximately the year 262 B.C.). The war was a consequence of the wider conflict on who controlled the grain transport across the seas of the time.

Ruins of the city have been continuously discovered starting the early 1970s, first near the Church Saints Peter and Paul in Constanța (the city which is approximately located where once Tomis was). The first pieces of walls and dwellings date back to the 6th century B.C. (during the so-called classical period). Later on, it was discovered that the city of Tomis was much more extended that previously thought, ruins of walls and cult objects like sarcophagi being found as far as Ovid Square. These later ruins date from a period between 3rd and the 1st century B.C. (during the so-called Hellenistic period).

Many of the discovered ruins are on display in the central park of Constanța.

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