It is that time of the year when the stories of Edgar Allan Poe make a perfect match with the foggy evenings. That peculiar atmosphere of his stories leaves a mark on people’s minds and places. And just in agreement with the full moon preceding the last week of October, the houses and the yards get their annual share of skulls and bones and ghosts and fantasy creatures. The carved pumpkins rule supreme over the story of each Halloween scene.

Welcome to the Halloween open-air park where the spooky mingles with the dramatic, where the funny blends with the original, and all lead us to dreaming. The story staged on every lawn deserves our attention and if they struck us, even better, for E.A.Poe and all Victorian masters of ghost stories, above all, aimed at conceiving a state of mind. They did not wish to instil fear but rather to nurture that ‘tell me more’ mood, which is vital for any story- telling process.

Location: Fayetteville, North-West Arkansas, USA

Photos taken by Rod Jacobs

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