For the keen walker on the streets of Bucharest, it is always pleasant to discover among rows of concrete buildings, which were eagerly erected throughout the Communist rule, insulated parts of the old, interwar city. One of these areas is located in the central-eastern part of the city (taking into account a map with the old boundaries of Bucharest). It is an area that stretches, in the northern side, from Tunari Sreet and advances towards south, up to Armenească Street (a neighbourhood where the Armenian community of the city once lived). This area comprises streets such as: Alecu Russo, Icoanei, Vasile Lascăr, Alexandru Donici, and  Gemeni Square. 

Considering the chaotic sprawl of constructions in Bucharest, of which the most visually disturbing is the alternation of extremely crowded patches with bare, deserted spots (usually full of garbage), as well as the various but not harmoniously matching architectural styles (there is no accident coming across a glass building having a common wall with a rural style house decorated with a front porch), this area comprised between the streets Tunari in the north and Armenească in the south is surprisingly coherent from an architectural perspective. It represents an almost historically chronological walk, from French eclecticism, neo-classicism , modernism to the so-called vernacular style, an architectural design fashionable in Western Europe in the 1890s, but ideologically exploited by Greater Romania much later, in the 1930s.  

It is however unfortunate that some of the buildings (probably embassies) are suffocated by high and cheap looking fences. Vandalism should also be mentioned-the walls filled with graffiti are a common view of older/run-down houses and recently remodelled ones alike. 

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