The building which hosts The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague is located on 17 Listopadu 2 street, near the old Jewish cemetery, in Josefov district, once, before WWII, a thriving centre of Jewish religious, commercial and artistic life.

The building is the last public constructions in Prague designed in the Neo-Renaissance style. It was built in the years 1897-1899 by the architect Josef Schulz, who also designed the museum’s stained-glass windows (decorated with themes related to fine arts and applied arts). The building has 156 segmental windows with 3.744 window leafs. The interior is also defined in Neo-Renaissance style and it features many historical (coat-of-arms) but also allegorical themes, mostly representing the arts and crafts specific to every region of the Czech lands. Arresting is also a wrought-iron grille* at the entrance to the first floor, a gift of the industrialist Bohumil Bondy, president of the Chamber of Commerce and benefactor of the museum.

Indeed, the museum was established* and backed financially by the Prague Chamber of Trade and Commerce. Its most generous donor was the art collector Vojtĕch Lanna who, among other precious items, offered to the museum a part of his glass collection, which represents one of the most comprehensive historical glass collections in the world.

Apart from glass, the museum has collections of graphic design, textiles, furniture, clocks, precious metals, jewellery, and written documents, all displayed in various locations including the Castle in the town Kamienice nad Lipou (located in Bohemian-Moravian highlands).

During the Nazi occupation, the building of the museum served as office for the German aircraft organisation-the Junkers. The collections of the museum were safely stored in various parts of Bohemia. During Communist rule, the museum was nationalized and became a part of the National Gallery. In 1970, the museum regained its status of independent institution under the umbrella of the Ministry of Culture. 2017 is the year in which the complete renovation and refurbishment of the museum ended.

Source> the leaflet of the Museum of Decorative Arts (in EN)

The website (accessed 06.01.2022)


*In 1885.

*See it in the photos below.

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